Q) Why are Certificates4you a lot cheaper then some other companies?

A) We specialise in gas and electrical inspections. Due to the high number of inspections we carry out, we can place them in geographical order allowing us to spend more time inspecting and less time traveling.


Q) What happens after I submit my payment?

A) On receiving your payment one of our team will attempt to make contact by the following working day (using the number you've provided). We will then arrange for an engineer(s) to carry out an inspection.


Q) How long will it all take?

A) We aim to complete the process as soon as we can. Usually between 2-5 working days depending on demand.


Q) Where do I leave the relevent contact details?

A) When the payment is submitted you will be asked to click a link which will take you to a DETAIL FORM. This is where you fill in boxes with infomation we need.


Q) What happens if there's a fault with an appliance?

A) Our fully trained engineer(s) will carry out the necessary procedure to make sure that all appliance are safe. The engineer(s) will log the details and you will be informed the same day. 


Q) Can I cancel?

A) You do have the right to cancel and a full refund providing the engineer(s) haven't been instructed. However, due to the fast process we opperate to get the inspections carried out, a refund may not always be possible.


Q) How will I know its a Certificates4you engineer(s)?

A) All of our engineers are registered and provided with identity cards. If the engineer(s) don't show their I.D cards on arrival Certificates4you encourages our customers to ask. This is the best way we can combat fraudulent companies/organisations.