Terms and conditions

Certificates4you refers to the organisation that is responsible for the transaction and instruction of the inspection and all staff employed directly by Certificates4you.

Engineer(s) refers to the operative on site carrying out the inspection.

Responsible person(s) refers to the sole person(s) responsible for the property for which the inspection has been instructed or the person(s) who authorised / sent the payment to Certificates4you.

Governing bodies refers to the organsation(s) responsible for the legal requirements / administration of the related industry.

Certificates4you is owned and regulated by ansa property maintenance (northwest) limited.

Certificates4you is an organisation working to the requirements of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. The service we provide is to inspect the gas appliance(s) to a maximum of 4 appliaces per order / installation pipework within the property instructed via the details form on submission of payment. The engineer(s) working with Certificates4you is responsible for making any 'Immediately Dangerous' appliance(s) / installation pipework safe by permanently disconnecting the appliance(s) / installation pipework from any live gas supply. Should the responsible person(s) not permit, the relevant governing bodies will be contacted and made aware of the situation. In any such case where a governing body is contacted Certificates4you and/or the engineer(s) will no longer be responsible for any fees or actions taken in relation to this event. Should any appliance(s) / installation pipework be deemed as 'At Risk' the engineer(s) will advise for permanent isolation. Should the responsible person(s) not agree to the disconnection, a warning notice will be provided and a signature of confirmation will be required. Any appliance(s) / installation pipework classified as 'Not to Current Standards' will be logged. Certificates4you is not responsible for any repairs required to any such gas appliance(s) / installation pipework within the property that are deemed unsafe. The engineer(s) on site is responsible for logging the appliance deemed faulty and leaving it in a safe condition. Certificates4you will make the responsible person(s) aware of any faults on completion of inspection.

Certificates4you aim to complete the process within 2-5 working days of receiving payment. In the event that access arrangments fall outside the limits of our terms of service Certificates4you is not responsible for any consequence(s) arising relating to tenancy agreements or legal prosecution.

Portable Appliace Test covers upto a maximum of ten appliance per property. If certain appliances require test this should be made clear before the inspection.

The responsible person(s) is entilted to a full refund if the inspection is unable to be carried out due to any such occurrence(s) created by Certificates4you or the engineer(s) or if the responsible person(s) cancels the inspection prior to the engineer(s) being instructed. After the engineer(s) have received instruction to carry out the inspection a refund may not be possible.

Certificates4you will make appointments to gain property access via tenants or other authorised person(s) requested by the responsible person(s). However it is the responsibility of the responsible person to make access available should the tenant or authorised person(s) not be available. Certificates4you will not be held accountable for any property that ha a failed report due to no access.

In the event that Certificates4you arranges an appointment and the authorised person(s) provided by the responsible person(s) via the details form or telephone booking fails to adhere to that arrangement and the engineer(s) is unable to gain access to carry out the inspection, Certificates4you have the right to decline any refund due to administration charges.

If the engineer(s) is unable to carry out the inspection due to 1) the meter not being accessible, 2) no gas/electric availible at the property, the inspection will be deemed as a fail and an administration fee may be occured at the discretion of Certificates4you.

By by submitting an order the responsible person(s) agree to the terms stated in the terms & conditions.